Review: Contemporary Workshop w/Donna Crump

Last night I FINALLY made my way down to Dancing Grounds Speakeasy Studio in Bywater to take Donna Crump’s Contemporary Workshop. I was really excited about this class. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to dance with (for) Donna ever since I saw her company, Good Dance Since 1984, perform her original work, The Rooftop, at last month’s Southern Voices: Dance Out Loud Festival.

Donna is on my New Orleans dance “watch list”. A native New Orleanian, Donna received her B.F.A in dance from Tulane University. She has studied with Brazil’s premiere dance company Grupo Corpo and since then has performed with The John/Allen Project, The First Physical Theatre in Grahamstown, South Africa, and Tsunami Dance Company. Donna founded Good Dance Since 1984, LLC in February of 2012 and is currently working with the company to provide dance education as well as local, national, and international performance opportunities for the youth and other professional artists. Good Dance has performed at the Boston Contemporary Dance Festival and the New Orleans Fringe Festival. This year Donna and the company were presented with a Big Easy, Tribute to the Classical Arts Award for “Outstanding Choreography.”

Can you see my eagerness to take her class? (lol) And boy, was it a class!! In a hour and 15 minutes Donna lead us in a full body warm up, across the floor work, and taught a segment of The Rooftop repertoire. Donna’s ability to fuse modern technique with ballet concepts was remarkable. She’s a high-energy teacher that encourages you to test your limits and go beyond the step. I would also like to point out how humble she is. It is obvious that Donna loves to dance and wants everyone to join in on the fun.  This was evident with her choice of classic 80’s hits for warm up music.

What I enjoyed so much about this class was that we got to DANCE. I often take pure technique classes so it was breath of fresh air to do choreography. I left the Speakeasy dripping in sweat but satisfied. To my surprise the owner even caught me on tape. (Don’t judge me it’s been awhile)

-B. Adina AKA The Bayou Ballarina

Catch Donna Next Month Teaching at Dancing Grounds!

Beginning August 28

Good Dance Contemporary Class

Every Wednesday 7:30- 8:45pm

Dancing Grounds- Bywater Speakeasy Studio

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