Review: Work It, Twerk it w/ Jasmin Fancii

I moseyed on down to Dancing Grounds again tonight but this time to take my girl, Jasmin Fancii’s, Work it, Twerk it class.  Jasmin and I went to ballet school together so when I heard she was back in town and teaching I had to make a cameo. Let me tell you this class was HAWT! (No bias.)

Although Jasmin is a young teacher she controls her class like a pro. We began with a warm up routine to the music of Beyonce. Jasmin’s warm up had us dancing from  the start, which I loved. It was classic cardio with a sultry twist and by the end of it I was feeling like Queen Bey herself.  I even slipped on some heels to get the full diva experience.

Keeping with the theme, Jasmin taught us a routine to Beyonce’s “Grown Woman.” It was enjoyable choreography both stylistic and light.  It wasn’t about the step but the attitude you brought to it. The class wasn’t just dancing but performing.

We concluded session with some good ole fashion Twerking. I don’t mean Miley Cyrus twerking but the real deal New Orleans twerking with Bounce music and e’rrythang! The class showed out for twerk time.  We even “caught’ the wall and engaged in a twerk circle. It was AMAZING!

In closing, I recommend this class for any dancer who’s pursuing commercial work and looking for a fun, good time.

-B. Adina AKA The Bayou Ballerina

Jasmin Fancii

Catch Jasmin’s Work it, Twerk it Class @ Dancing Grounds 

Tuesdays- 7:15p- 8:30p

Walk-in: $10


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