Review: Scottish Ballet’s “Streetcar Named Desire”

Scottish Ballet Streetcar Named Desire

Last friday night The New Orleans Ballet Association presented the North American premiere of Scottish Ballet’s “Streetcar Named Desire,” at the Mahalia Jackson Theater. I had the privilege of going and It was amazing. Watching this ballet I saw the future of an artform I love so much. Director Nancy Meckler and choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa adaptation of Tennessee Williams classic tale was remarkable. I’ve seen productions of Streetcar before so I was very interested to see if a literary masterpiece known for it’s characters and dialogue could be made into a ballet. The answer is yes! Outside of the iconic “STELLA” scream the dancers embodied Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s choreography speaking with their bodies. It was extraordinary.

The Times-Picayune  reporter Chris Waddington‘s review of the production are my sentiments exactly. Here’s a copy of his review. Here

-B.Adina AKA The Bayou Ballerina


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