An Evening of Dance: Newcomb Dance Co. Performance

Last Saturday, february 8th, I made my way to Tulane to watch the FREE performance of Newcomb Dance Company’s An Evening of Dance.  It was a delightful performance that incorporated both beautiful classics and brand new pieces.   My quick thoughts: 

1. It was extremely cute to watch dancers, Claire Escher and Lara Murray, recreate Wade Madsen’s, “Jave Jive.” The girl’s mothers, Alice Pascal Escher and Liza Hooks Murray, first performed the piece when it premiered in 1994. Watching the girls dance with a recording of their mothers performance in the background gave it a magical touch.

2. Woody McGriff’s “Dig” was great! Such a fun piece! I wanted to get up and dance with them. Not to mention the retro costumes were AWESOME!

3. All the dancers were stunning and the pieces were beautifully danced. I enjoyed the entire show.

-B. Adina aka The Bayou Ballerina


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