New Studio for Dancing Grounds

This past Saturday, March 8th, was the grand opening of the NEW Dancing Grounds Studio. What a day! Jammed packed with free classes, performances, a second line, and dance party, Dancing Grounds opened it’s brand spanking new doors with a bang!

Dancing Grounds I arrived mid-morning, just in time to observe some of the sample classes. Dancing ground’s staff member, Jermey, was teaching  Hip Hop Choreo in the big beautiful Lakeside studio while Marissa was crankin it up with Bounce Fitness in the intimate Riverside Studio. Both classes were packed with 20+ people, with room to dance. If you’ve ever taken class at the old speakeasy studio you would know how big of a deal this is.

I didn’t get to stay for the entire day ( I missed the second line and kid performances) but, I made it back in time to watch the evening performances. They were amazing. The musical stylings of Alexis Marceaux (of Sweet Crude and Alexis and the Samurai)DG Hallway accompanied by three Dancing Grounds contemporary dancers was breath taking. Improv comedy duo, Machine A, seem to get funnier every time I see them. Shelissa Moore- Jenkins performed a powerful excerpt from Crescent City Choreographers, “Taken.” Dancing Grounds Hip hop company, BUKU Dance Krewe brought down the house…. as always…. with two pieces.  And I’m  only telling you about a few of the night’s performances.

It really was a great opening. I’m so happy for Laura Stein and the rest of my friends at Dancing Grounds. They’ve worked very hard to make this dream studio into a reality. Congrats to you all!!

Now that the new studio is open continue to support Dancing Grounds. Take a class today! The new website is up and there’s a bunch of new classes. Also, if you’re in need of studio space to teach or rehearse there are renting options. With that said,  “Bring Yo Self!”

-B. Adina the Bayou Ballerina

Dancing Grounds: 3705 St. Claude Ave

Rate: $5 First Class, $12 drop ins, $44 for 6 mo membership, and $49 for 3 mo.

See More Rates Here


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