A Night at the Movies: A Review of Avatar Movement Company

Over the weekend I moseyed on down to the Marigny Opera House for Avatar Movement Company’s annual choreographer’s showcase. It’s been awhile since I’ve attended dance concert so I was uber excited.  This year’s theme was ” A Night at the Movies.” The company performed 13 pieces inspired by popular films, such as; Dreamgirls, Never Let Me Go, The Stepford Wives, Love Story, The Great Gatsby, and Chicago. The showcase included choreographers: Monica Ordonez, Taylor Hosemann, Schwannah McCarthy, Gianni Reid and Julie Barecki- Brown.

It was my first time viewing Avatar Movement Company so I wasn’t sure what to expect. What’s my first impression? The performers were beautiful and the choreography demonstrated both technique and athleticism. Stand out pieces include Schwannah McCarthy’s powerful solo inspired by Dreamgirls. Elizabeth Mantalas and Braedon Mason elegant rendition of  Monica Ordonez’s Love Story. The company driven Stepford Wives, whichwas very  quirky. Jaws, which reminded me of old Esther Williams films.  Never Let Me Go was a great adaptation. I  also really enjoyed Gianni Reid’s “7 Pounds” which made me tear up just like the movie. I don’t know who the soloist was in that piece but she was great.

Stand out performers for me include Schwannah McCarthy and Elizabeth Mantalas. With those long limbs and strong technique, Schwannah is the type of performer that demands your attention and keeps it from the moment she steps on stage.   Elizabeth Mantalas is a pro. Her classical training mixed with her beautiful feet makes the perfect combination. Everything she does looks easy and you can’t help but want to get up and dance with her.

All in All, I enjoyed my night at the movies. Looking forward to more shows from Avatar Movement Company. Until Next time!

– B. Adina AKA The Bayou Ballerina