Interview: Donna Crump of Good Dance Since 1984 talks about new show “WOEM”

B. Adina the Bayou Ballerina recently sat down with Donna Crump (and Baby Lyon) of Good Dance Since 1984 to talk about upcoming Good Dance production, “WOEM.” Read the transcript below and don’t miss Good Dance SInce 1984 perform this weekend.

Show Details:

WHAT: Good Dance Since 1984 presents…. WOEM

WHEN:  November 7& 8

WHERE: First Presbyterian Church of New Orleans l 5401 S Claiborne Ave

TIME: 8pm (Both Nights)

PRICE: $10-$20

B. Adina: Hi Donna, we’re here to talk about Good Dance Since 1984. Why don’t you tell us a little something about your company. How many ladies are dancing with you now? 

Donna: Good Dance is now going into it’s third year as a full, functioning company. We now have 10 dancers including myself who will be taking the stage this Saturday and Sunday and we will be dancing.

B. Adina: Alright! Good dance! (HAHA) The show is called “WOEM,”  I saw your promo video (Listed above) very cool. It seems to have a feline element to it. So what exactly is “WOEM?” 

Donna: Yes, well me being a creative, crazy person “WOEM” is actually “MEOW” spelled backwards.

B.Adina: AHHH!! That makes sense! 

Donna: So the piece is a new piece. It focuses on the persona and lives of cats. Not necessarily your average alley cat but the more Egyptian and regal cats. Very strong, passionate, athletic beings.

B.Adina: So what inspired you making a piece about cats. Did you just see a cat walking down the street or was it something else? 

Donna: Honestly, I think they [cats] are following me. They are everywhere. I was sitting outside at 3:30 am and looked up into the field to see about 15 cats. They were all playing with each other, climbing up trees. Almost like “the humans are sleeping now let’s go out and do what we do.” That sparked a little inspiration. I also get a lot of inspiration from my dancers. I like to set work once I see what they are doing and what comes naturally to their bodies. They inspire me alot

B. Adina: Well I think cats is a great subject matter for your company. Every show I’ve  seen of Good Dance has shown quite a bit of athleticism. 

Donna; AHH YES! There’s plenty of it in this show.

Make sure you catch Donna Crump and Good Dance Since 1984 perform in “WOEM”this weekend!


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