REVIEW: Contemporary Release Technique w/Barry Stoneking

Level: Intermediate/Advanced                                 dsc0005.jpg

Where: Dancing Grounds l 3705 St. Claude Ave

Description: This class is rooted in Safety Release, a systematic training method developed by BJ Sullivan. It is based on the Bartenieff Fundamentals. The class begins on the floor and progresses to standing, center and across the floor movement. Emphasis is placed on core strength, flexibility, stamina, dependability and expressiveness. Dancers, physical actors, stage combatants, aerialists and circus artists will find this approach both challenging and accessible.

Review: Barry’s class is perfect for the intermediate to advanced dancer looking for a challenge. For someone new to release technique, Barry is the very informative teacher. He clarifies the principles behind release technique showing dancers how to release in a safe and healthy way.

Pro: Classes are small and you really get to work on your technique. The class also progresses so you are exposed to more advanced material over time.

Con: Barry usually does series so being a drop-in is discouraged.


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