Review: Contemporary w/Michelle Ramos

12885865_1202431873115424_3890112126104860885_oLevel: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

Where: Live Oak Dance  l 8204 Oak St.

Description: This contemporary class explores the use of the dance body as an instrument of movement, sensation, and repetition. It focuses on musicality, potential exploration, and structure with an imaginative approach. The movement is contemporary with classical elements and encourages alignment as well as awareness of breath use. Elements of diverse styles and traditions of classical, modern, and contemporary dance and inform in the classes. It is a natural combination of experience and studies coupled with constant research and intellectual inquiry.

Review: Michelle’s class is chill. She creates a very comfortable space for you to explore and experiment. Michelle is a fluid mover and her class style mimics that. Majority of class is spent on the floor allowing participants to work on breath, alignment and releasing tension. Her warm up feels like choreography with movements that flow but are also athletic.  You thoroughly  learn each section then repeat the entire warm up from the beginning. By the time you stand up you’re body has been completely worked but you’re not exhausted.

The class consist of some center work but not much time is spent standing before Choreography.

Her choreography is rooted in classical styles. The class I attended the combination was a mix between a ballet adagio and release technique. As a classically trained dancer it was nice to take a contemporary class that allowed me to tap into my technique.

Pro: The class is only $10. Also, Michelle is really nice and very aware of the body. She gives corrections in a non intimidating way.

Con: Like most morning classes this one on a trial basis. So make sure you catch it or it might disappear.


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